Lusmagh Fields so Green

Click on the picture to hear Johnny McEvoy sing "The Lusmagh Fields so Green."

The Lusmagh Fields so Green

Edward Dolan left Lusmagh in 1908, bound for Australia. On his way, he penned this song and sent it home in a letter. He was never heard from again. Click the picture above to hear Johnny McEvoy singing the song.

In London Town I do lie down upon my bed to sleep.
When I think of home and how I must roam across the waters deep,
I can't sleep a wink whene'er I think of home and my colleen.
Ah, will I ever more see you a store or the Lusmagh fields so green.

In my youthful sport, I did resort, the dear old Foolagh Lane,
And it runs in my head, the old cart shed I will neveer see again.
For a long while I'll be an exile, until God's will has been
For me to roam back to my home in the Lusmagh fields so green.

In Cruchawn Street, where I used to meet with the lads so bright and gay,
Where we did conspire to our hearts' desire and always got our way.
'Twas through the village I used to pillage, since I was that age sixteen;
How I did delight to roam at night through the Lusmagh fields so green.

Where I used to lie, when I was a boy, just at the Deerpark style,
In Cruchawn Wood where oft I stood with the lads to talk a while.
Going to the sports, I passed Crufawn Fort, where the ghost used to be seen,
But I don't believe that a ghost could live in those Lusmagh fields so green.

In a few days' more I'll leave the store of this great British town,
And I'll take my leave with a farewell wave, as the Thames I do sail down.
Through Biscay Bay, I'll sail away, and I'll view many a scene,
But I'll see none there that can compare to the Lusmagh fields so green.

Through Gibraltar Strait and Mediteranean great, the Suez and the Red Sea,
Going through Port Said and Arabian Head, sure it's like a dream to me.
When I'm far apart, it will break my heart to see all those miles between
The Deerpark Hill and the ruins of the Mill and the Lusmagh fields so green.

On Freemantle's earth not far from Perth I do expect to land,
Where the tiger snake, it often takes a life on the desert sand.
If it be my lot on that foreign spot to lie and never be seen,
But when I die, may my soul fly to the Lusmagh fields so green.

Krunchie Killeen's version:


  1. Edward is one of my great uncles. Some information has recently come to light about his life in Australia which was colourful and productive. I will gladly fill you in if you want to update your page about on of my Lusmagh family who I am very proud to say are my ancestors.

  2. What a beautiful lament for his home place in Lusmagh and the landmarks that he mentions....Johnny McEvoy does a lovely job on the song.
    My dads grand uncle wento Australia in the 1840s but nobody heard from him after...he had paid for his passge and went with others...surname Walsh from Co Galway...not sure of his first name.