Lusmagh Fields so Green

Click on the picture to hear Johnny McEvoy sing "The Lusmagh Fields so Green."

Working Farmer's Prayer by Fr John Fahy, rebel priest

The response to each is Save Ireland, O Lord

From The Dail
From Ignorant Politicians
From Incapable Politicians
From Treasonable Politicians
From Fine Gael
From Fine Gael Toadies
From Fianna Fail
From Fianna Fail Toadies
From Fianna Fail ‘Yes men’
From Labour Mandarins
From the Mulcahy Gang
From the Hogan and Higgins Gang
From the De Valera Gang
From the Ryan Gang
From the Lemass Gang
From Childers and the Church Body
From Dillon’s Big Mouth
From English Invaders
From the Land Commission
From English Syndicates
From Real Estate Agents
From all Land Grabbers
From all Land Sharks
From Gombeen Men
From Graft
From Political Nepotism
From Jobbery
From High Salaries

From Big Mouths
From Long Necks
From Big Bellies
From Big Arses

From Wholesale Anglicisation
From Wholesale Demoralisation
From Plague of Talkers
From Plague of Parasites
From Death of Mechanisation
From Dictation of Tinkers and Corner Boys
From Upstarts and Chancers
From Game Fans and Gamblers
From Rackets and Racketeers
From Political Gangsters
From Radio Eireann
From the Sunday Press


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