Lusmagh Fields so Green

Click on the picture to hear Johnny McEvoy sing "The Lusmagh Fields so Green."

The Village: THEN and NOW

Coorclogh, the Islands and Ballymacoolaghan, c. 1840 (Click on image to enlarge):

Coorclogh, the Islands and Ballymacoolaghan, c. 2013:

The map of 1840 shows up to 30 houses in "the Village," as Ballymacoolaghan Village is called. It is hard to say how many for sure, because of the difficulty recognising which buildings are houses and which are barns.

The recent image, showing the effects of "the New Cut" of the Shannon, completed c. 1844, on the river and its islands, (and also the recently added Shannon-side Marina) also shows that there are only about 3 houses left in the Village.

The 1911 census shows 10 households in the townland of Ballymacoolaghan. When I holidayed there in the 1940s and 1950s, there were about 8 households in the village.

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