Lusmagh Fields so Green

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Killeens of Lusmagh

In the 1901 Census returns, the following Killeen families were found in in the following townlands of Lusmagh (my own family - in Gortchallow - is highlighted):

Ballymacoolahan: none (3 families of Madden, 2 of Sulllivan, 4 of Mahon, 1 of Coady, 1 of Lantry and 1 of Rourke). I take it that John Killeen married into the Rourke's by 1911.

Caplevane: 2 families with Killeens:

  • Catherine Groomes (60), her son-in-law Patrick Killeen (35) and daughter Lizzie (23)
  • Thomas Larkin (49), his wife Margaret Larkin, son Thomas Larkin, son James Larkin, visitor Mary Killeen, visitor Mary Margaret Killeen and visitor Francis Killeen

Clonahenoge: One Killeen family and one Killen person ("Killen" is a different family name, originating in Northern Ireland, whereas the Lusmagh Killeens would have originated in Mayo or Clare; however, it is possible that some instances of "Killen" found in Offaly may be mispellings of "Killeen"):

1.     Anne Killeen (70), her son Francis Killeen (30), son John Killeen (27), grand-daughter, Mary A Killeen (15) and sister Eliza Martin.

2.     John Rourke (53), his wife Maggie Rourke (39), son John Rourke (presumably under 1 since no age is showing), mother Mary (85), servant Pat Killen (27) and servant Mary Carroll (18).

Corclogh: 3 families of Killeen:

  • John Killeen, 45, his wife Kate, 30 and children Andrew (4), William (3), Teresa (2) and John D
  • Patrick Killeen (72), his brother John (62) and sister Anne (58)
  • James Grady (42), his sister Nora (40) and servants John Killeen (20), Roger Killeen (16) and Martin Killeen (10)


  • Thomas Killeen (65), his daughter Mary A (25), son Thomas (20) and son John (18)

Gortchallow: one family of Killeens

  • Roger Killeen (49), his wife Bridget (40), son John (12), daughter Maryanne (4), son Roger (3) and son Francis (1)

Lavagh Beg: one Killeen as servant in family of Stanntons:

  • Michael Stannton (55), his wife Maria (42), son Frederick J (13), son John J. Stannton, and servant Andrew Killeen

Macnahanny or Ashgrove: One Killeen servant in family of Sheils

  • Peter Sheil (59), his wife Ellen (54), his servant Stephen Brady (30), nephew Patrick Kelly (21) and servant Kate Killeen (16)

Shelbourne: 2 families of Killeen:

  • Francis (37), his sister Lizzie (35), Aunt Julia (73) and Aunt Eliza (68).

 List of Killeens of Lusmagh, 1901 (per Census):

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