Lusmagh Fields so Green

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Kilmochunna dust problem

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Kilmochunna cemetery has a scenic setting. However, it is adjoined by a quarry belonging to Banagher Concrete. A huge amount of sand and gravel is extracted and there is a constant stream of lorries.

Unfortunately these lorries are covered in fine white dust and leave a cloud of dust behind them.

The road is dusty and the wheels arouse another cloud of dust from the road.

A token watering vehicle drops a small amount of water onto the road, which is merely a  gesture towards resolving the problem.

Beautiful residences along the Kilmachonna Road are plagued every week-day by this nuisance.

It would take but a little real effort to solve the problem: lorries to be hosed down on every exit from the Banagher site, and a vehicle with a wide water-sprayer constantly engaged in damping the Kilmachonna Road.

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